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Welcome To FIGITOO

Welcome to Figitoo! We are a fast emerging growth oriented IT/BPO organization who delivers affordable services which are world class. We provide Data Editing, Document Alignment, Form Filling, Any kind of Copy and Pasting, and other kinds of Data Entry services for our clients. We also offer these data entry jobs on two modes: fulltime and part-time. Get in touch to know more!

A Glimpse Of Our Work At Figitoo

At FIGITOO, our target is rendering superior quality of work at competitive prices. We specialize in assisting our customers by facilitating top notch data entry services which catapult our client's efficiency. Low cost packages are our USP! All our customers achieve savings at multiple levels: costs, time, and resources. Happy clients make us a happy organization!

Your Gain By Associating With Us

At FIGITOO, growing is a natural progression. We associate our growth with the growth of our clients and the growth of our team members. We sincerely believe in taking dedicated and sincere efforts to deliver excellence as our service. It does not matter if you are a customer looking for BPO support services to help with your data entry work or if you are a person looking for a career or part-time opportunity in data entry.

If You Are A Customer Looking For Data Entry Bpo Services

FIGITOO acts as a service provider for any and every kind of data entry BPO service. We have expertise in verticals of all kinds. Think finance, banking, car loans, insurance, and automobiles! Name the vertical and we will give you a strategy to handle the data for you! Does your business needs include the filling up of customer details for various kinds of processing functionalities of your business? You have landed at the right place. We will assist you in data entry, document alignment, data editing, form filling or even simple copy pasting. Do not spend more on resources. Hire us! Contact us for details to help you with your data entry.

If You Are Looking For A Career

At FIGITOO, we offer both full time and part-time data entry jobs. Are you computer savvy? Do you want to earn a part-time income? For rendering high quality data entry services, we are on look out for the right kind of people. Be a part of our team and do simple Copy Pasting work, filling forms for many sectors, Data Editing and Document alignment for verticals, and also earn money through data entry. Get in touch with us to become a part of a great team!

Our Services

  • Data Editing: Specialists in Insurance Industry
  • Document Alignment: Specialist in credit card application forms
  • Form Filling: Specialists in Personal Loans
  • Copy and Pasting: Specialists in Car Loans
  • Data Entry: Specialists in Home Loans